The aim of the conservation workplace, which is part of the “Open Depository” project, is to ensure the basic protection of collection objects in the form of preventive conservation and also to carry out conservation to the extent allowed by the technological and spatial equipment of the workplace.

Furthermore, the role of the workplace is to introduce the work of conservators and restorers to visitors and to present individual technological processes and procedures on specific collection objects. Visitors will thus get a better idea of what needs to be done with a collection object after it has been acquired by the museum, what is the regular and preventive treatment of objects, and what needs to be ensured in the depository (collection storage) in order to preserve the objects and their aesthetic, historical and narrative value in the best possible way.

More demanding conservation processes and restoration of collection objects, which cannot be carried out in the premises of the conservation workplace of the “Open Depository” project, will be carried out in the conservation workplace of the Museum of the SNU. However, visitors to the depository will be able to see the result of these processes in the form of attractive presentations and videos.

The personnel and technology of the workplace cover the provision of fundamental professional treatment and protection of collection objects, especially material groups of metal, wood, textiles, paper, leather and plastics. Four conservators will take turns in the conservation workplace and will present various conservation processes, technological procedures as well as the stories of specific conserved and restored collection objects from their state when discovered.