The Narvik War and Peace Centre

The Narvik War and Peace Centre is a non-profit foundation that researches, documents and disseminates on issues related to war and conflict. It was founded through a merger of the Nordland Red Cross War Memorial Museum (est. 1964) and Nordnorsk fredssenter (est. 1990). It is the northernmost of seven Norwegian peace- and human rights centres funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Education.

The museum’s work is focused on the German attack on Narvik in 1940, the fighting in northern Norway and the subsequent German occupation. It also addresses issues that are not directly related to the Second World War. The museum pays attention particularly on the rules of war, human rights and peacebuilding in general through the understanding of war.

Within the Open Depository project, the Norwegian partner museum uses its experience to develop the project in order to acquire broader skills in the management of collection items, and also to gain the necessary experience and skills to build a similar open depository (collection storage that is open to the public) in its own premises in Norway.

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Ulf Eirik Torgersen
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