The aim of the project is to make the collection fund of the Museum of the Slovak National Uprising more accessible to the public in a unique and more attractive way with new construction and technological design. The collection storage (depository) will be beneficial not only for the museum’s visitors but also for the professional public in terms of the storage method and care for the collection fund.

The Open Depository project is an attractive expansion of the programme for the public. It makes the museum collections accessible in a systematic manner and provides visitors with the opportunity to become more familiar with their storage method, conservation technologies and management methods. Moreover, visitors will be able to observe the processes of professional treatment and conservation of objects of various material groups.

The open depository with a total area of approx. 267 m2 will consist of three areas:

Open Exhibition Storage

Here, the objects will be stored in racks specially constructed for each item, or a group of items, so that they are visible even when stored in bulk.

Open Conservation Laboratory

The laboratory will be running permanently as a professional workplace. It will allow visitors to observe individual conservation interventions. In case of greater interest, expert staff members will be allowed to give visitors consultations or demonstrations of such interventions.

Open Study Room

The study room will include professional services intended for the professional public (external researchers, collectors, students). It will be built as a study room connected to the collection storage.