The aim of the construction is to relocate the collection storage (depository) from the unsuitable basement premises to the 1st floor where, until now, archive and administrative offices were located, thus creating a modern collection storage with representative offices of the museum’s directorate. The new collection storage is designed as an attractive place for visitors – one wall will be fully made of glass, i.e., designed as an exhibition storage, and the new storage will be part of the museum tour. Visitors will thus be able to see not only the objects displayed in the exhibition, but also those stored in the collection storage and will be able to learn about them through new technologies and through RFID codes. Visitors will also be able to see the work of restorers, conservators and curators in open glass workplaces.

There is a consideration about widening the corridor from the main entrance to the open collection storage. On the right side (where there is a partition separating the exhibition hall) there will be glass-lit display cases and on the left side a large wall made of glass, through which visitors will see the collection objects. These will be arranged according to material groups: A – textiles, B – art works, C – leather, D – wood, metal. Moreover, visitors will be able to watch the restorers at work with collection objects.

The whole new collection storage is designed according to the requirements of the investor, the Museum of the Slovak National Uprising – without direct daylight exposure and gas-tight.